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Bohemia, NY 11716
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Now Scheduling Spring Turn Ons
If you are a new customer and would like to schedule an appointment please call or email us
to get your service area number and available dates.
If you are an existing customer with no scheduling issues(most customers) and received a
letter or postcard please see instructions below:
1. Check the service area listed on the address label on your letter or postcard and find which
day or days we will be in your area on the calendar below.

2. Select a day and call or email us with your selection. Please don't forget to leave us your
name, address and phone numbers so we can confirm our customer record and make a
confirmation call or email.

3. Be sure on the day of the appointment to be home (if you need to be), irrigation water is on (if
inside), we have access to the yard, ect..

4. PAYMENT (Amount listed on letter or postcard) is due before or at time of service. You may
prepay from our Home Page, call with your credit card info or leave payment at job location. If
you are leaving payment at job site please indicate in your message or
email where we can
locate it.
*If minor repairs are required, typically we will complete them and bill you the difference. If more
repairs are required than time allows, we will do what we can and reschedule.

An efficient route is one of the best ways to keep costs down. In an attempt to do this we have assigned
all of our existing customers with a Service Area Number and pre-scheduled dates for these areas.(See
Calendar Below)

However, we understand that this may not work out for you. If you are a
new or existing customer that
know from the past that they need to be home for some reason for us to perform the Turn-On service
please call or
email us so we can be sure to accommodate you.

Some of the reasons you would need to be home for the Turn-On service are:
You have been told by us in the past
You don't know how to turn-on the irrigation water supply valve
No access to the zone valves outside
No access to the yard if your not home (dogs,fence,ect..)
For whatever reason we need to operate your system from the controller inside
Scheduling Instructions
(Non-Contract Customers only)
If you are a contract customer we will contact you to pre-schedule or you
can call-
email us with your preferred date.
Don't wait until your lawn starts drying out to call us!!

Get your system set up early so that all you have to do is set your clock to "Run" or "Auto"
when you need it!!

~Just because you have it turned on doesn't mean you have to use it...but you will be ready!~
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Check the calendar below for a day that we are in your area. If you dont find a day that works for you
just call or email us to make arrangements.

We have prescheduled March,April,May & June. Use the navigation buttons on the calendar.
Attention New and Existing Customers
Not Sure What Area You Are In?
Here To Go To Our Interactive Service Area Map
Long Island's #1 Irrigation & Landscape
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