Premier Outdoor Lighting
By Rainman Inc.

Certified Installers and designers
12V & 24V
"Custom Lighting Portrait"
What is it and what does it mean?
There are two main aspects that go into a lighting job.
The first one is the quality of the fixture. This will determine how long your
investment and portrait will last. Again, this is the reason we use fixtures
made of
high quality machined brass and copper that carries a lifetime warranty.

Lets put that aside for a moment, after all, the quality or cost
of the fixture means nothing if it is not placed properly.

This is where second aspect comes in..the portrait.
A portrait is
an overall lighting scheme designed to maximize the effect of the lamp. In
other words,
your landscape is the star of the show and the fixture is simply a prop. We
create a portrait of your home and landscape by using light as our brush. The
result is a work of art you will appreciate and admire every night.
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