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12V & 24V
Here are a few reasons why you should choose low
voltage over line voltage when considering outdoor
Due to the Safe-no risk of electrical shock low
voltage, the lines have a required burial depth of 8"
therefore has a lower installation cost.
Because of the electrical shock hazard the
lines are required to be buried 18" to 24"
and typically require a machine. Higher
installation cost
Because of flexibility we have when placing
fixtures there is little to no restoration required
after installation
Be prepared to add landscape restoration
costs to a line voltage system. Trenching 18"
to 24" through a finished landscape makes
quite a mess.
Weather its 12v or 24v there is  no risk of
electrical shock. Its safe for you, you children and
Do I need to explain?
Just because you are hiring a licensed
electrician that doesn't mean they are
burying the wire to required code. As
irrigation contractors we can testify to
this. Add this to the above-ground J boxes and
you  have an accident waiting to happen.
(see photos below)
About 1/3 of Line Voltage
With the large variety of halogen bulbs,lenses,
filter,spread and beams we are able to achieve the
exact amount of light for the desired result with a
lower wattage typically 20-35 watts.
Available in either spot or flood typically
50 to 100 watts.
Given the available fixtures and options, there is
almost no limit to the placement and lighting
capabilities. Can be easily repositioned due to
growth of changes.
Extremely limited amount of fixtures and
bulbs. Placement is restricted due to
electrical requirements. Not easily
repaired,replaced or moved. Requires
Licensed electrician.
Clean lenses
replace bulbs if required
Typical bulb life 2500-20,000 Hrs.
Clean Glass
Replace bulbs is required
Typical bulb life 500-1000 Hrs.
Low Voltage
Line Voltage
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We hope you understand that we are not trying to offend electricians in any way. We work with them on a regular basis
during some of our irrigation and lighting jobs. We simply feel that they have no place in creating a long lasting lighting
portrait for your landscape. The short video below are line voltage lighting issues we come across almost every day.
Click play at the bottom of the frame.