Premier Outdoor Lighting
By Rainman Inc.

Certified Installers and designers
12V & 24V
What is the cost of
a typical lighting system?
There is really no "typical cost" because of the many factors
associated in pricing a custom lighting portrait. However, we
can tell you that the lighting systems we install are not
something you can buy from a "big box" store. Our fixtures
and transformers are of the highest quality solid machined
brass and copper available. They are made to last a lifetime
and will.

What will you be lighting? front, back, sides, driveway,
entrance, pool area, pond, waterfall, landscaped areas,
gazebo, ect.

Where do we need to place the fixtures? ground, trees,
house, walls,
pillars, decks ect.

Will the outlets that are available be sufficient?
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These are some of the factors that determine the cost of an
outdoor lighting system. If you are serious about lighting
contact us for a free estimate and demo on your